About Oromo Culture Center

Oromo cultural center was established to work on research and development of Oromo culture, history, language and art.  It also works on preserving Oromo heritage. Accordingly the center has four major divisions. These are:

Oromo Research Center:- comprehends four broad departments. Those are departments of history, language, culture and art researches. Due to diverse essentialities of specialization in the department, the language research division has accommodated four departments namely: (1) department of Afaan Oromoo folklore and Oral Literature, (2) department of Afaan Oromoo grammar study, (3) department of  Afaan Oromoo language codification and standardization and (4) department of Afaan Oromoo dictionary making.

The others divisions of Oromoo Cultural Center are

 v Oromoo Art Training and Development Center

v  Oromoo Library and Archive Center

v  Center  of Oromoo Museum