Irreechaa  At Hora Finfinne,  For First Time After  150 Years


Irreecha, Oromo Thanks giving Day is celebrated annually in Birraa (Season) river banks/seaside/and water bodies. Hence, annually. It has been celebrated at Hora Arsadi, in Bishooftuu and in others major Oromia towns. But, by this year, it was celebrated at hora Finfinne.

In doing so, a hottest preparation for the celebration is headed by Oromia Culture & Tourism Bureau and Oromo Gada Council.  Eventful celebration was taken place on 12thOctober 2019 at Hora  Finfinnee after 150 years of its  disruption by feudal regime.

Afresh in our mind, the 10 Kilometers race ‘Irreechaa Peace Run’ has taken place on the route of ‘Ethiopian Great Run ‘recently.  It has great impetus for peaceful completion for the upcoming celebration.  As could be recalled, more than 50000 famous including athletics’, artists, politicians, activists etc. actively took part. The first ranked winners from each gender were awarded 50,000.00 Eth.BR. and second and third ranked winners from each genders got 30 and 20 thousands Br. respectively.

According to Nega, Oromia Athletics’ Federation Head, one of the major objectives of that ‘Irrechaa Run’ has been  to herald peace, unity, and cooperation among the Ethiopians in general and that of the Oromo in Particular, and thereby to add color to the upcoming Irreechaa  celebration that was taken place at Hora Fininnee.

The celebration takes place by maintaining Oromo cultural values of Gada System. Early goings of Abba Malkaa to the river site, Procession of Foolles, followed by siinqee mothers, the Gada leaders accompanied by vast Oromo & other Ethiopians. The participants were estimated to more than 7 million people holed at the ceremony.