Supportive  staff of Oromoo cultural center

Conserning the main duties performed in this center the following work active and accelerate supportive services such as , 1.planing

                                           2. Human resource

                                          3. Finance

                                          4. Audit are served in center

Human resource

·         In this center has 138 employees serving in different sectors departments of the center among these employees,  86 are male and 52 are females. Those employees managed with this department.

·         The directorate works by own plan that are preparing, directing, follow up, supporting, deciding, regulating, reviewing, identifying problems and finishing.

·         The center employee’s human resource on vacancies and by giving them induction cource it makes them independent for the work.

·         For government employee the center makes increament, change, discipline and others activates following the government rate of regulation.


·         The planning department planning the center of working activities and   , directing ,controlling, tasking action, answers for questions raised and others for different plan class.

·         Gives reports for the general manager

·         Works its, budget, review and give report and different response for the concerning body.


·         The finance department of the center, it makes short, medium and long plan. It allowed, it controls the way it performs and administrates finance of the center according to the low of finance.

·         He planned to parches  the necessary materials or properties for the center.

·         He followed the center of finance system according to the rule and regulation of finance system.

·         Would make follow on the reports of audit related the handling of public property both on work and store.

·         Will set in place the beget   implementation work flow and relation chain in the system parches.